What's new on Feedc in August?

Hey Everyone, I am Anna from Feedc’s product team. I am extremely excited to share some great news with you. Today we are releasing a new version! This version introduces a wide range of new features and possibilities. In this post we would like to recap the month of August and explain what we've been working on:

1. Ability to post multiple photos and videos.

2. Ability to seamlessly share links.

3. Grouped posts. If you post multiple times during 30 minutes then your posts will be grouped to let others easily browse through them.

4. Anonymous voting.

5. We have fully redesigned Feedc and started rolling out the new design. You will notice that profile screen, the home screen and many other screens have a new look and feel.

6. Lots of under the hood improvements and architectural improvements.

There are many other features that this update includes, sorry I can’t list all of them but I am sure you’ll find them.